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        Business Introduction
        R&D Technologies
        2019 01-18

        R&D Technologies

        Xi'an Manareco was recognized as "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" in 2006. It has more than 200 R&D researcher and analysts, accounting for 16% of the staff. The R&D center covers 10,605 square meters, and it has more than 400 sets of experimental equipment and more than 100 sets of analytical and testing equipment. They can conduct various technical work, such as synthetic process development and optimization, product evaluation, pilot-scale study, structural analysis, trace impurity detection, compound design, device development, etc. In order to accelerate information construction for R&D management, the company is installing ELN system, which can transform experiment data, R&D and production technique into a database for synthetic scheme, and effectively form a set of solution scheme for target chemicals.
        Production Capacity
        2019 01-19

        Production Capacity

        Quality Management
        2019 01-29

        Quality Management


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