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        Pharmaceutical Intermediates



        Pharmaceutical Intermediates

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        概要:Pharmaceutical Intermediates
        概要:Pharmaceutical Intermediates

        Intermediate of innovative drugs researched by Xi’an Manareco belongs to pharmaceutical intermediates. Pharmaceutical intermediates are chemical products used in the process of pharmaceutical synthesis, that is, raw materials for the production of API. From pharmaceutical chemical raw materials to API and pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical intermediates play an important in the product chain and they are typical fine chemicals.

        By virtue of production experience on display materials, Xi’an Manareco, based on its synthesis and purification technology, expanded pharmaceutical CMO/CDMO business, and developed various competitive products. The company’s pharmaceutical intermediates business contains outstanding products and clear level gradient. It has developed more than 200 kinds of small molecule pharmaceutical intermediates for tumorous, psychiatric, cardiovascular, immune and antimicrobial drugs. Among them, pharmaceutical intermediates such as lung cancer targeting drugs and uterine fibroids have established strategic partnerships with top international pharmaceutical enterprises.


        The manufacturing process is shown below:






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