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        Liquid Crystal Intermediates



        Liquid Crystal Intermediates

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        LCD material is an important basic material in LCD industry and one of the key optoelectronic materials for the production of LCD. Owing to low working voltage, low consumption, high resolution, strong anti-interference performance, and wide range of application,TFT-LCD is still recognized as a mainstream product in display industry, and has been widely applied to lap-top, desktop monitor, TV, and mobile communication device. The LC singles are mainly used in preparation for downstream LC mixture, and finally applied to TFT-LCD and other display panels. Purity, specific resistance and other specifications are important to the display performance of LC mixtures and panels, and thus it is regarded as a crucial material in LC display industry.

        The company has the capability of R&D, pilot-scale test and industrialization of liquid crystal singles, and it has developed nearly 1,000 core products, more than 300 of which have achieved mass production, covering various technical fields such as Biphenyl Liquid crystal, ester liquid crystal, phenyl cyclohexane liquid crystal, ethane liquid crystal, acetylene liquid crystal, fluorine liquid crystal, dioxane liquid crystal, chiral liquid crystal and so on.The synthetic process of various products pioneered in China, and the technology has reached the advanced level in the world and the leading level in China.


        TFT-LCD structure diagram:

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